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Gran's Attic
by Ros Stallcup


Creativity abound, you'll be amazed at what Ros has painted on those things in your attic that you have not been seen or used for years. Bring them back to life and use with the wonderful designs presented in Grans Attic. Each project lends itself to a wide variety of painting surfaces. Apples, berries, watermelon and grapes will add new life to cabinets and boxes Chalkboards have berries and fruit to brighten up a wall or corner in the kitchen or family area. Spruce up a lamp, letter box, cabinet, forgotten flower pots, light switch plates, bricks, mirrors and even a guest room sink with tulips, daffodils, daisies, pansies roses hydrangeas and more. Dont limit your creativity, Ros gives you a wide selection of patterns to choose from. A unique surface could be hidden away in the attic or spare room just waiting for your paint brush. Whether you find a treasure to paint or a special new piece, this book is a must. Acrylic 24 Color Pages 90 Black & White Pages
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