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Gran's Travels
by Ros Stallcup

Gran's Travels, Ros's Newest book is brimming with beautiful designs, some from her travels and some brimming with flowers. Haddon Hall, a lush English cottage garden blooms in blues, whites, pinks and periwinkles against a rose covered stone wall. Window in Venice, paint this romantic arched, shutter lined window, flowers blooming in a wire window box against warm stucco. Rockport Boats, painted on canvas, charming grouped dingy boats float in the water tied to the dock. Seaside miniatures capture moments at the ocean with a lighthouse, dune scene and an old fishing house with dock. Black eyed susans and red grapes drape across an apron, perfect to paint and wear while hosting a dinner party. Holly, ribbon and a red cardinal are painted across the top of a wood plaque that nestles atop a white wire basket, would make a lovely holiday basket to fill with treats as a gift. Hydrangeas and ribbon delicately lace their way across a sewing basket, flower container, clock and mirror frame. Blue flowers, ribbon and white daisies drape over the edge of a wooden waste basket, a bright addition to a home office, bedroom or bathroom. Roses, everyone's favorite bloom across a welcome sign a spill out of a wicker basket tied with a ribbon painted on a square canvas. Bridge in a garden takes you to a beautiful serene garden, layered with spring flowers from Ros's travels. Lemons, ribbon and summer daisies in yellow and white fill a white crock pitcher for a fresh clean painting. Christmas doorway is a snowy Christmas scene, stone house, white arched door adorned with a green wreath, red ribbon and berries and a snow laden Christmas tree decorating the entrance. New exciting projects, order your copy today

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