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Cup Cake Moulds



 Give a sophisticated look to decorating cup cakes and they can also be used as decorative plaques on larger cakes.

Product Information:
Diameter 5.6cm x Depth 0.6cm
Diameter 2.2Inch x Depth 0.2Inch

*All Sizes are Approximate*
Cupcake Mould Victorian Garden 1 CupCake Mould Victorian Garden 2 CupCake Mould Victorian Garden 3

Victorian Garden 1- £7.99

Victorian Garden 2- £7.99

Victorian Garden 3- £9.99

CupCake Moud - Bird CupCakeMould Butterfly Meadow CupCake Mould Floral Meadow

Bird- £7.99

Butterfly Meadow- £7.99

Floral Meadow- £7.99



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Updated 18/02/2012

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