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Spectrum Noir Next Generation Markers

Spectrum Noir is a range of 168 double-ended alcohol ink markers.

With a broad chisel nib for large area fills and a fine bullet tip for detailed work, these markers are perfect for every papercrafting project. 

The numbers on the end of each Spectrum Noir marker indicate how intense or dark the color is. The numbering system was made for very easy understanding: 1 is very pale, 2 is a bit more intense/dark and 10 is much more intense/dark. The letters on the end of the marker specify the color tone family the marker belongs to. For example, CT = Citrus Yellow, TN = Tan, CR = Coral Red, CG = Citrus Green and so on.

Spectrum Noir

- You can achieve professional results every time with effortless blending and color matching

- They’re available in tonal color sets for easy shading

- They have fast-drying ink for smooth and effective work

- The pens are non-toxic and safe to use

- The markers have an ergonomic hexagonal barrel design for greater comfort when coloring

- Each marker has a unique, no slip rubberized grip

- You can refill your markers once the ink has been used

- The marker caps are double-layered for extended time between refills

Spectrum Noir Blue
Spectrum Noir Browns

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Blues Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Browns Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir Cool Grays
Spectrum Noir Essentials

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Cool Greys- £7.99

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Essentials Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir Greens
Spectrum Noir Pinks

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Greens Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Pinks Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir Purples
Spectrum Noir Reds

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Purples Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Reds Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir Pale Hues
Spectrum Noir Turquoise

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Pale Hues Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Turquoises Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir Warm Grays
Spectrum Noir Yellows

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Warm Greys Set- £7.99

Spectrum Noir 6 Pen Set
Yellows Set- £7.99

This jam-packed video DVD will take you step-by-step through how to get the most from your Spectrum Noir colouring system. There’s something for everyone, regardless of ability, with plenty of close-ups so you won’t miss a thing. Learn how to bring your work to life with in-depth tutorials on colouring skin, hair, clothes and other essential items, using all of your favourite Crafter’s Companion characters including Humphrey the Elephant and Popcorn the Bear. Work alongside Leann Chivers to create mini masterpieces that will make your cards and projects stand out from the crowd!
Over 2½ hours of inspiration with a full guide to using the system, plus essential tips, galleries and demonstartions of more colouring techniques.

Crafters Companion Spectrum Noir Pen Sets Wightcat Crafts Newport Isle of Wight

Handy carry case, with handle, holds 36 Spectrum Noir pens

Spectrum Noir DVD
Spectrum Noir Storage Case

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