Parchcraft Australia Flexi Duo Grids

Straight & Diagonal

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It is called Duo because each grid is a complete 2 in 1 product - Perforate and Emboss

4  A4 sized varieties to cover all possibilities!


This is not just a stand alone patterning device, it is the complete and advanced upgrade and replacement for the old fashioned way of doing TRADITIONAL gridwork.

Use these for any existing wire mesh gridwork patterns in existence AND use PCA®  Multineedle perforators to make your work accurate, neat... PERFECT!

Choose BOLD or FINE Straight (0-90 deg holes) or BOLD or FINE Diagonal (45- 45 deg holes)

in a beautiful Stainless Steel total wire mesh grid replacement template.



Fine flexi duo Straight Fine Diagonal Grid

Fine Flexi Duo Twin Pack

M4012B Fine Flexi Duo Grid - Straight
M4012D Fine Flexi Duo Grid - Diagonal

M4012T Fine Flexi Duo Grid TwinPack with FREE MAT

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