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Parchcraft Australia Easy Emboss Templates

Stained Glass

For Parchment Craft and Cardmaking(can be used with a lightbox)



TP3227E-Stained Glass Petunias
TP3225E-Stained Glass Birdie
TP3227E-Stained Glass Petunias - £8.00
TP3225E-Stained Glass Birdie- £8.00
TP3226E-Stained-Glass_daffodil - £8.00


Easy Emboss oval rose template


Easy Emboss ButterflyTemplateEasy Emboss Butterfly Template

TP3231E-Stained-glass_oval_rose - £8.00
TP3232E-Stained-oval_butterflies - £8.00
TP3228E-Stained-Glass_framed_roses - £8.00



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