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Darwi Inks

The Pergamano Tinta Inks are being replaced with these inks and they are all suitable for use in Parchment Craft


Darwi Inks
Water based ink, ready to use. High pigment concentration. Inter-mixable colours. Apply on watercolour paper, drawing paper, boards, etc. Can be diluted with distilled water for lighter colours. Clean the equipment with water.

30ml bottle - Suitable for use with an airbrush, drawing pen or ruling pen.

White Ink Darwi

black ink Darwi

Carmine Ink Darwi
White -£4.95*
Black -£4.95*
Carmine/Red -£4.95*

Yellow Ink Darwi
Cobalt Blue Ink Darwi
Light Green Ink Darwi
Yellow -£4.95*
Cobalt Blue-£4.95*
Light Green -£4.95*
Sepia Ink Darwi
Fuschia Ink Darwi
Turquoise ink Darwi
Sepia -£4.95*
Fuschia -£4.95*
Turquoise Ink Darwi-£4.95*
out of stock
Violet Ink Darwi
Gold Ink Darwi

Silver Ink Darwi

Violet -£4.95*
Gold -£4.95*
Silver -£4.95*


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