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Pergamano Patterns



Gail Sydenham always takes great pleasure in the beauty of Nature in all its forms. Many of her designs are based on botanical subjects such as flowers, birds and insects. The designs in this m-series therefore match the collection Botanical garden very well. Mix & Match both collections Botanical Garden of Pergamano and Aurelie



France is known for its chic and sophisticated lingerie. Together with the ladies of the PPF (Association des Professeurs Pergamanophiles de France), Viviane Hénon-Aubert has provided the contents of this, slightly naughty, edition.

M111 - Botanical Garden - £6.50
M112 - Lingerie - £6.50
M106 M108

M110 Pergamano

M106 -Elegant Ladies- £6.50

M108 - Christmas Boxes- £6.50

M110 -Spring Flowers - £6.50

6 beautiful Victorian projects. The projects are created using among others tinta and pintura.
Includes work instructions colour examples and patterns for the projects.
20 pages A4 size.

Contains 6 projects that can also be used with the birthday calendar (Click here PG41400 Birthday Calender) The patterns are also suitable to be used as cards.




M101: Victorian Christmas- £6.50

M102 Calendar Winter to Spring- £6.50

M105 - Forest Animals- £6.50


M98 - £6.50

M100: Religious Designs- £6.50

M99 Colourful Flowers- £6.50



M95 Delfts Blue - £6.50
M96 Baby Furniture - £6.50
M97 Stylish Paintwork - £6.50


M93 Spring Flowers - £6.50

M94 Wedding - £6.50

M92 Still Life & Birds - 6.50

Colourful White Work by Mary G Kerr

Sceneries by Pat Hosking


M85 magazine Sun stars and moon
M85 magazine Sun stars and moon. 81995. Ideal for those new to Pergamano® crafting includes embossing and cutting easy borders. The magazine contains work descriptions colour examples and patterns of the projects. (16 pages A4 size)

Code: 81995

M81 Colourful White Work - 6.50

M82 Sceneries - 6.50

M85 - £6.50

Pergamano M pattern

Fruits & Flowers by Sara Keen

Pergamano m pattern

example from pattern book

Pergamano M77

M80 Fruits & Flowers - £6.50
Limited Stocks

M78 Christmas Grid Designs - £6.50

M77 Traditional Christmas - £6.50

M73 Pergamano

Pergamano M75

Pergmano M76
M73 Folded Cards - £6.50
M75 Snowmen - £6.50

M76 Golden Yellow Lacework - £6.50
Limited Stocks

M72 Pergamano
M70 Pergamano

M71 Pergamano

M72 Embroidering on Parchment II - £6.50

M70 Colourful Black -£6.50

M71 Black & White - 6.50
M65 Pergamano
M66 Pergamano
M68 Pergamano

M65 Traditional White Working £6.50
Limited Stocks

M66 Vellum Creations - £6.50

M68 Elegant Whiteworking - £6.50
Limited Stocks

M62 Pergamano
M63 Pergamano
M64 Pergamano

M62 Templates Patterns - £6.50
Limited Stocks

M63 Embroidery on Parchment - £6.50

M64 Grid Diagonal Designs £6.50

M59 Pergamano
M60 Pergamano
M61 Pergamano

M59 Luxuriance Flowers £6.50

M60 Christmas -£6.50
Limited Stock

M61 Wedding - £6.50
M54 Pergamano
M57 Pergamano
M58 Pergamano

M54 Classic Designs- 6.50

M57 Haute Couture £6.50

M58 Painting with Tinta £6.50

M55 Pergamano
M52 Pergamano
M53 Pergamano

M55 Natural Glory -£6.50
Limited Stocks

M52 Luper Patterns -£6.50
Limited Stocks

M53 Painting with Tinta -£6.50
Limited Stocks

M48 Pergamano
M50 Pergamano

M48 Easy Grid Patterns -£6.50
Limited Stocks

M49 Flower Parade - £6.50

M50 Scrapbook Ideas -£6.50
Limited Stocks

M45 Pergamano
M46 Pergamano
M47 Pergamano

M45 3-D Parchment -£6.50
Limited Stocks

M46 Christmas -£6.50
Limited Stocks

M47 Asian White Work£6.50
Limited Stocks

M41 Pergamano
M43 Pergamano
M44 Pergamano

M41 £6.50

M43 Religious Designs £6.50
Limited Stocks

M44 Leaded Glass £6.50
Limited Stocks

M39 Pergamano

M39 Home Decorations -£6.50

M32 Pergamano
M37 Pergamano
M31 Pergamano

M32 Dresden Flowers £6.50

M37 Alphabet -£6.50

M31 Luper Cards - £6.50

M25 Pergamano
M26 Pergamano
M30 Pergamano

M25 Coloured Designs 2 £6.50

M26 Parchment Papers£6.50

M30 Congratulations & Invitations £6.50

M27 Pergamano
M24 Pergamano

M27 Embroidery on Parchment £6.50

M23 Lampshades £6.50

M24 Classic Pearl £6.50

M19 Pergamano
M20 Pergamano
M21 Pergamano

M19 Oriental Designs2 £6.50

M20 Flowers in Parchment - 6.50
M21 Christmas £6.50
M13 Pergamano
M16 Pergamano
M18 Pergamano

M13 Perga-Stamping - £6.50

M16 Memories in Parchment -£6.50

M18 Stamping on Parchment £6.50

M12 Pergamano

M7 Pergamano
M12 Colourful Designs £6.50
M9 White Embossing £6.50

M7 Celebrations £6.50

m6 - flowers in pastel
M3 Pergamano
M1 Oriental Designs - £6.50
M6 Flowers in Pastel - £6.50

M3 - Loving Hearts - £6.50

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