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Pergamano Pens, Pencils & Colours



Pergamano Gel Pen
Code: 29250



Gel Pen Pink £2.20

Gel Pen white - £2.20


Gel Pen Bronze £2.20

Gold Gel Pen


Silver Gel Pen




Gold Gel Pen - £2.20

Silver Gel Pen - £2.20

Gel Pen Purple £2.20
Dorso Lively Colours -click here
Dorso Nature Colours -
click here


For More Pens and Pencils (including Faber Castell) click here

Pergamano Tool Caps

Caps Pergamano tools 5 pcs for the New Pergamano tools. The transparent caps provide excellent protection for your Pergamano® tools. The caps are made of clear transparent material. The transparent caps can be used on all perforating and embossing tools.

Code: 19202


Caps Pergamano tools 5 pcs
- £2.99

Mapping Pen Nibs (Box of 12) - click here
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