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Beginners Parchment Book Pergamano

Basics Book (English Version)
By Linda Williams & Tina Cox
64 pages of extensive step-by-step instructions
13 extra easy patterns to practice

Amazing Brushtrokes
This book is in DUTCH - £10.00
Special Price - £5.00

Basics Book - £15.50

Special Price £5.00

Handbook for Multi Needle Tools Vol 1 - £24.99
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A4 size, 64 pages, including Freehand Embossing Lessons and 10 works.  64 pages, A4 size. 6 gown patterns in the book, all of them are beautiful and romatic. You will see Grids were used with special methods again, with step by step combination methods of all works, you can finish every work easily by yourself There are 2 set Cups and Pots, a Goblet, a Birthday Cake, a Tricycle, a Baby Carriage and Carriage patterns in the book. You will see Grids were used with special methods again, with step by step combination methods of all works, you can finish every work easily by yourself. 
Freehand Embossing - £30.00
A Brides Dream - £30.00
Brilliant - £30.00
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Lace Dreams

Includes 6 shoe, umbrella and one dress pattern  

Parchment Fairies 2011 - £32.00
Please note: This Book is in Japanese

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Special Price £16.00

Delightful Gifts - £30.00

Lace Dreams - £14.99


97661 Pergamano Book 25 years

Best of the best book 1

Christmas Treasures

Pergamano Book 25 years

Best of the Best Parchment Craft - Book1
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Christmas Treasures - £23.50
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PG97631 Passion for Cards Mieke Spenger Pergamano 2012 Wightcat Crafts Newport Isle of Wight

PG97621 Precious Collection Gail Sydenham Pergamano 2012 Wightcat Crafts Newport Isle of Wight

The Art of Painting

Author, Mieke Sprenger, has made use of various Pergamano techniques. Not only, offers this a large diversity of projects but it also makes this book very suitable for the beginners of this hobby.

The more advanced parchment crafters may want to combine the patterns to their own liking or create the design in a different technique.

The 21 varied designs include various themes.

Not only does it contain a broad variety of the most popular subjects such as flowers and butterflies, but you can also find cards with dogs, cats and birds in the book.

The beautiful realistic paint work combined with the fine and elegant lace work makes this book a challenge for both the advanced and the beginning parchment crafter. The patterns can be worked out to your own desire, many of them can easily be converted to white work which creates a completely different effect.

With clear step by step instructions and photos, Gerti Hoffman shows you how you can brush up on your painting skills.

The various painting techniques and colouring media are covered extensively. Important topics such as picking up your paint and the best way to hold your brush are also featured. It also includes very useful tips to enhance your paintwork.

From the 21 projects included in this book, 8 projects are described step by step, this will teach you how the paintwork is built up, which colours are painted first and how to apply shading.

Passion for Cards - £15.50

Special Price £5.00

My Precious Collection - £15.50

The Art of Painting - £22.75

Pleae note: This book is in FRENCH

Stencilling with Pastels

Parchment Craft, A New Dimension - £20.00

Exclusive Creations (Exclusive Ontwerpen)-- £12.50

Please note: This book is the DUTCH VERSION, all the other versions have been discontinued

Special Price £5.00




Parchment Dreams



(Includes 10 patterns)

Sierlijke-Ontwerpen - Sweet Designs
Dutch Version - £10.00

Perkament Dromen - Parchment Dreams
Dutch Version -£10.00

Pergamano 25 Year History (inc DVD)
Special Price £5.00

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